Enjoy the most beautiful holiday in Georgia with us! We have the opportunity to offer you not only experiences, but also responsible guides, for renting e-bikes or equipment for hiking and skiing. Do not hesitate to spend active time with us, we will be happy to share our experiences and ideas with you. We have prepared and organize for you a lot of unforgettable experiences for summer and winter. Come and see for yourself at the Ethnograph Hotel. Once in Kazbegi, you can rent an e-bike, skis or go on one of our guided tours.

E-bike trip

PRICE: 50 EUR per person
There are many ways to get to know it in the beautiful Caucasian nature. One of them is in the saddle of a bicycle and in these mountains you will certainly appreciate the electric drive. As part of a one-day trip, we will lend you an e-bike with equipment (helmet, gloves, backpack, cycling bottle and repair kit), you will have a guide who will recommend the route according to your possibilities and according to the weather. It's up to you which alternative you choose .... the Juta, Gudamakari or Truso valleys.

One day trekking

PRICE: 35 EUR per person
A day trip around Kazbegi. We offer 10 beautiful routes through the Caucasus nature of varying difficulty, length and elevation, from short trips in the immediate vicinity of the hotel to more challenging hikes to the Gergeti Glacier or Lake Abudelauri. The price of the trip includes a professional guide, telescopic poles and a drinking bottle, or an itinerary and a map.

Kazbeg Climb

PRICE: 600 EUR per person
A multi-day challenging ascent to the five-thousand-meter Kazbeg peak (5033 m above sea level) with a professional guide. In addition to excellent physical condition, the ascent also requires knowledge of movement on the glacier and quality clothing. It is necessary to count on at least 4 days for sufficient acclimatization to altitude. The price includes a guide, rental of climbing equipment, food and accommodation in Bethlemi hut.

Horseback riding trip

PRICE: 50 EUR per person
An alternative to exploring nature are traditional horse trips. We offer several variants of routes - Sno Valley, Artkhmo, Juta or Gudamakari. The routes are in the immediate vicinity of the hotel and are adapted so that even beginners can complete them. The price includes the rental of a horse with a harness and saddle, a guide, a bottle of water and an itinerary.

Car trip for culture

PRICE: 35 EUR per person
If you want to relax, get to know a little culture or survive worse weather, a trip by car around Kazbegi is an alternative for you. You can see the Sameba monasteries in Gergeti, the monastery in Dariali, the Gveleti waterfalls or the mineral springs in the beautiful Truso valley. The price includes an off-road car with a driver, a bottle of water and an itinerary.

Skitouring trip with a guide

PRICE: 100 EUR per person
In winter you have the opportunity to try a walk through the Caucasus nature without any restrictions on the paths. For the trip, you have a professional leader who will choose the right one with you from about 10 routes with an elevation gain of up to 1800 m. You can see the valleys of Juta, Sioni, Artkhmo or Gudamakari. The price includes the rental of all ski equipment - skis, belts, telescopic poles, ABS backpack, probe, shovel, peeps.

Walk on snowshoes

PRICE: 50 EUR per person
If you want to enjoy the winter beauty from lower positions, you have the opportunity to rent snowshoes and our guide will select and complete a route with you corresponding to the weather and your possibilities. There will also be chopsticks, a backpack and, of course, snowshoes.

Kazbeg winter climb

PRICE: 600 EUR per person
Are you an experienced ski mountaineer? Do you want to have a view over the wide valley of Tergi? Come and try climbing the Caucasus 5,000 m (5033 m above sea level) in winter or spring on ski alps. Our professional guide will be at your disposal, we will lend you ski-climbing and climbing equipment for climbing. It is necessary to count about 4 days.